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Golden Seal is here! 24k Gold Gilded Trade name on leather wrist portion of boxing glove. It’s classic shimmer brings out the quality craftsmanship of the most top tier novelties in sports apparel. Only 5 pair are being made with this precious metal. The knuckle portion where logo usually would set would be replaced with my signature! Also as added value a small letter from owner/CEO MuscleNClutch will show documents stating real gold was used to create this rarity and which number of pair boxing gloves you received! Yellow hand wraps and Custom T-shirt with CEO/Owner signature on bottom is included.This very refined novelty is a special boxing glove from MuscleNClutch. If your into valuable collectables then this is one that you are not to miss!!!  For added cost, these gloves can be customized with alias placed names! Up to 5 letters per glove!  Gloved are made to order, so expect 30-day wait.

Golden Seal MNC 16oz Velcro Bag Gloves

  • All sales are final

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